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Air Quality & Mold



gale | jordan associates investigates properties for the potential for or presence of airborne contaminants. A site visit, testing, monitoring and interviews may be part of the investigation. Contamination may come from a variety of factors; gja works with the client to determine the source and remediation. Symptoms, including headaches, dizziness and other illnesses, may grow into extensive employee issues. Investigation at the onset of the situation may alleviate future problems. All IAQ and mold investigations are overseen by a Certified Industrial Hygienist.


gale | jordan associates conducts bulk and air sampling for the identification of mold spores in residential, commercial and industrial sites. The initial sampling includes an ambient outdoor sample, to compare the indoor findings with the local environment. Air sampling for mold/fungus is typically conducted utilizing Air-O-Cell inertial impaction cassettes for non-viable fungal spores. Bulk samples of mold/fungus are gathered utilizing “tape lift”, swab, and/or collection of “bulk” pieces of materials suspect of containing mold/fungus. A third party, independent laboratory analyzes the samples for non-viable mold spores.

Following the identification of mold, gja can provide Industrial Hygiene services and Air Sampling during the remediation. Following the remediation, gja provides post-remediation air sampling, confirming the quantity of indoor mold spores is lower than the ambient outdoor levels at the time of the sampling.