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Real World Answers to Environmental Issues

About Us

gale | jordan associates, inc. was formed to fill a need; tough questions about environmental issues need honest answers. Real estate owners, managers, brokers and lenders are faced with continually increasing pressure to formulate policies to deal with potential environmental hazards in their properties. gja’s business purpose is to work with you to help you make tough decisions - steering you through the process calmly. We give you quality service at cost-effective prices, while you protect yourself from liability by complying with all regulations to the fullest extent.

We do all your interfacing, especially during a remediation procedure, feeing you to do other things for your business.

gja was founded in 1988 by two partners, Christopher Gale and Thomas Jordan. With their backgrounds in management, real estate, and asbestos abatement contracting, they provide well-rounded perspective, backed by over 25 years of experience. gja has provided expert guidance for projects ranging from residential to multi-structure institutions. Clients benefit from personal communications and hands-on participation at all levels. All of gja’s field personnel are certified by Cal/OSHA and/or CA/DPH; mold and IAQ Projects are supervised by a Certified Industrial Hygienist.

Over the years gja has been active at both state and local levels, providing guidance and consulting services for public agencies and regulatory creation and promulgation. gja is a Certified Small Business Enterprise with long-term clients. We are proud of a sterling regulatory record.

Our insurance coverage can help you mitigate risk.